Foldable smartphone from Motorola: it would have two screens, and an unprecedented software interface for one of them

XDA-Developers would have information about the software operation of Motorola's foldable smartphone. The latter could also break away from Android. At least partly.
Artist rendering of Motorola foldable smartphone, for illustration
Since the appearance of the first rumors that Motorola would work on a collapsible smartphone, nothing or almost did not come to deny these speculations. In August 2018, a patent put us in the ear. In January 2019, the well-known Wall Street Journal was actively relaunching the case, before Dan Dery, one of the brand's managers, confirmed the company's intentions at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019.
The interested party did not want to expand further, leaving us unanswered about the resurrection of the series Razr, tipped to return to the front of the stage via a flexible phone. But the specialized site XDA-Developers brings new elements of information: according to the media, the collapsible smartphone of Motorola will indeed be stamped Razr.
Foldable smartphone: Hello Moto
Above all, the US site claims to have taken cognizance of the software operation of the product in question, whose design is based on a patent filed in late 2018 with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). This is not a question of a smartphone that unfolds to make room for a tablet, but a mobile device that bends to become a miniature technology product easy to carry.

In the idea, the Motorola flexible terminal would have two screens: when unfolded, the large flexible screen would appear; once folded, a small screen on the back of the top would be accessible. And it is precisely this famous screen "before" that is in question. Since Motorola would reserve a home-grown software at the expense of the Android operating system.
As an example, and still according to XDA-Developers, only a handful of applications would work on it, like Moto Display, Moto Actions and Moto Camera. Other features would enhance the user experience, such as the ability to scroller the news feed application notifications or to consult one of the six quick adjustment icons integrated in the interface.
Taking selfie made easier
Showing a different wallpaper from the main interface would also be possible. In addition to the uses dedicated to this external screen, the user would also be able to tap once on the central panel to take a picture. Sliding his finger up would allow him to zoom easily. A way to make taking a selfie easier. Finally, and only if the user activates this mode, Google Assistant would work even when the mobile device is folded.
Motorola has obviously not confirmed any of his information. It will therefore be necessary to wait some time before the firm from across the Atlantic comes to present, or not, a similar software operation.

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