Foldable smartphone: Samsung tease a simultaneous announcement with the Galaxy S10

At almost a week of the official presentation of the Galaxy S10, Samsung suggests that its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy F, will be unveiled the same day.

This is February 20 that Samsung will finally lift the veil on its next high-end smartphone, or rather its next three smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E. Nevertheless, it seems that these are not the only smartphones officially unveiled by the Korean manufacturer.
Indeed, a video teaser posted on Monday on YouTube invites a "Unfold" Galaxy smartphones. This English term, which could be translated as "revealing" in the context, can also mean "unfolding". What to suggest that the collapsible smartphone manufacturer will also be involved, although it will probably not be the play of resistance.

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Furthermore, in the video, we can see different symbols move so as to take a curved appearance, like a screen that would be folded on itself. These symbols are reminiscent of those displayed by Samsung last month on the Place de la Concorde in Paris.
Since the beginning of January, many rumors seem to indicate that the Samsung Galaxy F will be presented officially, and for the first time without a hull, at the same time as the Galaxy S10, February 20. There is no indication, however, that the device will not be entitled to its own grace period later in the semester, or even be marketed in the wake of the announcement. In the meantime, do not hesitate to consult our complete file on the Samsung Galaxy F.
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