Foldable Smartphones: A Glass Gorilla Glass to Protect Their Fragile Screens is in Development

The screens of foldable smartphones are more fragile than normal. Fortunately, Corning is preparing a suitable Gorilla Glass to better protect them.

Whether it's the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X, foldable smartphones have caused a sensation. If the technical prowess is indisputable, we can ask more questions about the strength of these two products, especially with regard to the durability of their screens.
Fortunately, the company Corning that designs the tough tiles Gorilla Glass planks on the subject to reassure potential future buyers of foldable smartphones.
P-OLED against Gorilla Glass
It must be known that to design a foldable screen, Samsung and Huawei had to use Plastic OLED (P-OLED). However, plastic is more sensitive to scratches than Gorilla Glass specially designed to be resistant that fits most traditional smartphones.
Alas, glass does not bend as easily as plastic and so you have to deal with a more fragile material on these first foldable smartphones. On the Huawei Mate X, the problem arises even more since the flexible screen of this model bends outward and is always exposed to the risk of scratches.

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To address this concern, John Bayne, head of the Gorilla Glass division at Corning, said his teams were working on a way to bend glass as well as plastic while maintaining a good level of protection.
Credit: Corning
The manager is confident and believes that this novelty will be ready to equip foldable smartphones when they have more massively conquered the mobile market. In other words, in a few years.
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