Foldable smartphones for less than 2000 euros: this is TCL's goal at MWC 2019

TCL has presented some prototypes of foldable smartphones in margin of the MWC 2019. The objective of the manufacturer is to be able to manufacture products which do not cost 2000 euros like the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X.
Image credit: Android Police
TCL is known for selling Alcatel, BlackBerry and Palm smartphones. But the manufacturer wants his name also resonates in the foldable smartphones market particularly prominent at the MWC 2019. At the competition, we already know that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be sold at 2000 euros while the Huawei Mate X sees its price raise to 2,299 euros.
In other words, the showcases of this new market are not available at all the markets for the moment. For its part, TCL wants to participate in the democratization of this technology by building smartphones that will not sell at 2000 euros.
Android Police had the opportunity to see some prototypes of foldable smartphones on which board TCL. These are still far from ready for commercialization, but they demonstrate the ambitions of the manufacturer. The company is working on a special mechanism whose code name is "Dragon Hinge".
The latter is supposed to allow an easier fold of the screen. Few details have been delivered, but if we keep in mind that TCL is a huge manufacturer that produces its own screens, we suspect that the company will not have too much trouble designing a collapsible smartphone.
TCL as a supplier
The goal of TCL is to master a large part of the production stages to ensure that the price of the end product does not fly away. Android Police also suggests that the manufacturer would like to sell its components and technologies so that other brands can offer foldable smartphones cheaper.
At present, however, it remains complicated to estimate the value of an "affordable" foldable smartphone. The price will probably remain high enough alas.

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