Foldable smartphones: "In two years they will cost as much as a flagship" according to Huawei

Richard Yu, Huawei CEO, spoke on foldable smartphones. According to him, this type of smartphone could gain popularity and decline in price over the next two years.
Clément Wong and the Huawei Mate X – Credit: FrAndroid
This beginning of the year 2019 is marked by the arrival of the first folding smartphones with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. With a call price of 2000 euros, this is a new expensive market that would not be suitable for everyone, but the gap between this category of devices and the usual flagships should be reduced over the years.
In an interview with GSMArena, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, spoke on the subject. He recalls that this is still just the beginning of foldable smartphones and they are very expensive to produce. According to him, however, "in two years, foldable smartphones will have a price similar to current flagships." It seems obvious that a new technology is still very expensive at launch and becomes more accessible over time. So we can easily imagine the price of foldable smartphones become slightly more affordable in parallel with the rise in price of flagships.
Note also that smaller foldable smartphones are also under study according to Richard Yu, which should also make them more accessible.
Half of the users?
At this point in the interview, the reporter then asked Richard Yu whether he imagined that foldable smartphones could account for 50% of their sales. To which the businessman replied that it was possible that half of the flagships would be foldable within two years, but that it was still difficult to predict.
Like other technologies (for example, smartwatches), it is difficult to know exactly if a new category of products will appeal to the public. Richard Yu nevertheless seems confident and says he uses a daily Mate X, which he describes as very useful for everyday work. It remains to be seen if the uses will follow.
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