For its Pixel 4, Google would prepare a nice evolution of dual SIM

According to a new commit spotted by XDA Developers, Google's next high-end smartphone, Pixel 4, should be able to handle two SIM cards simultaneously.

Today, two main protocols stand out in the world of dual SIM: Dual SIM Single Standby (DSSS) and Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS). The first can only manage one and only one SIM card at a time. In other words, the user is forced to switch from one SIM card to another to enjoy their benefits. It is impossible for him to receive SMS or calls on his idle SIM card.
The operation of the second is at the antipodes of the DSSS: the phone is able to juggle from one SIM card to another, automatically. Rather convenient, when one is dedicated to calls and SMS, and the other to mobile data. A clear distinction between these two systems will allow us to better understand the issues that follow, and the XDA Developers site was the subject of an article.
Tests currently underway on the Pixel 3 XL
Because a new commit of a developer of Android Open Source Project, in the person of Michele Berionne, and spotted by the media, gives us a small idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe projects of Google in the months to come. In particular what the Mountain View company reserves for its Pixel 4, which will likely benefit from the next version of the operating system of the American group, Android Q.

Thus we learn that Google would work on a DSDS support applied to its next mobile device planned for the year 2019. Because if its terminals are already well equipped with a dual SIM (physical and virtual) since the Pixel 2, no none of them display compatibility with Dual SIM Dual Standby. The Chinese market, he, loves this feature: so many smartphones are equipped.
According to XDA Developers, the multinational is even testing this support on its Pixel 3 XL, which would foreshadow a software update on the rest of its range, which could also host such a protocol. For the greatest happiness of the users.
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