For the release of the Galaxy S10, Samsung Pay becomes compatible with Crédit Agricole

When selling the Galaxy S10, the Samsung Pay mobile payment service is compatible with Crédit Agricole accounts.

Samsung Pay is available in France for a while. However, the mobile payment service is not yet compatible with all banks in France. When it was launched, the Caisse d'Epargne accounts and the Banque Populaire were the only ones that operated with the South Korean platform.
In time, Samsung Pay has deployed on services like Lydia or PayPal. And now, it is Crédit Agricole that in turn becomes a partner of Samsung for mobile payments.
"This partnership with the leading French bank in terms of number of customers represents a decisive step forward in the deployment of Samsung Pay in France," said Laurent Moquet, Marketing Director at Samsung France. This collaboration is announced when the Galaxy S10 begins to be marketed in France.
Progressive deployment
If you expect to get one, please note that all credit accounts will be supported by Samsung Pay from mid-April. But today, 19 regional funds are compatible: Alsace-Vosges, Aquitaine, Brie-Picardie, Center-East, Center-France, Center-West, Côtes-d'Armor, Languedoc, Nord-de-France, North Midi -Pyrénées, North-East, Paris and Île-de-France, Provence and Côte d'Azur, Pyrenees-Gascony, Savoy, South-Mediterranean, South-Rhone-Alps, Toulouse, Touraine-Poitou.
At the end of this deployment, the South Korean company estimates that more than half of people with French cards will then be eligible for the offer of Samsung Pay.
Meanwhile, we expect a massive deployment of Google Pay.
Compatible smartphones
Here is the list of compatible smartphones as indicated in the Samsung press release:



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