Forza Street: The famous series of racing games will arrive on mobile in 2019

Microsoft allegedly revealed the name of a new episode of its famous racing game license.

If Microsoft has had difficulties in recent years in the video game industry, the firm remains master of racing games with its Forza license declined according to the years either with the Horizon series, or with the Motorsport series.
By 2019, Microsoft could break this cycle between the two series that players were used to by proposing a new title: Forza Street. This name is not really from a rumor, but directly from the official Forza Motorsport website.

Indeed, on the page of the newsletter of March 1, 2019, since modified, but still accessible in cache, the person who wrote the article used a bad link in the paragraph concerning a championship of Forza Motorsport 7. In place of a link to a page about the championship, the article points to a local file whose name and path say a lot.
file: /// C: / Users / brianek / Documents / Week in Review / Developed in partnership with UK-based studio, Electric Square, Forza Street, Windows 10, iOS, and more Android devices.
The Xbox opens a little more platforms
While awaiting a possible arrival on Switch, we understand that Forza Street is a new episode developed by Electric Square, and thought for Android, iOS and mobile devices under Windows 10.
This is not the first time this studio has been working with Microsoft, since it has already developed Miami Street, a racing game for Windows 10. The cooperation with a new studio also corresponds to the recent comments of Chris Esaki, creative director for Turn 10, who had indicated that we should not wait for a new canonical episode in 2019.
It remains to wait for the eventual officialization of the title, and especially to know if Microsoft managed to keep the qualities of the series by adapting it to mobile platforms.


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