Free condemned to explain to its subscribers the unfair terms of its offers

Free has been obliged to send a message to its subscribers to keep them informed of certain clauses deemed unfair in offers offered by the ISP.

It's a hard blow that just wiped Free. The ISP has been forced to send an email to all subscribers who have been directly or indirectly affected by unfair terms in the operator's offers.
In reality, as recalled by Freenews, the first conviction dates back to 2016 when the District Court of Paris had found that several elements of the general conditions of sale and tariff brochures of Free, between 2011 and 2015, were abusive and prohibited.
Unsurprisingly, Iliad's subsidiary appealed. The latter did not succeed, however, since last October, the Paris Court of Appeal approved the first court decision. As a result, Free had to send a message to all customers affected by the unfair terms.
Uninformed subscribers
The message – shared in its entirety on Freenews – takes up the entire sentence. The opportunity for recipients to see that Free is accused of having misinformed its subscribers about its rights or billing services, including through clauses appearing only on the website and not on the written contract and sign.
Other disputes are singled out, such as "clauses that reduce or eliminate the right to reparation for the prejudice suffered by the consumer in case of breach by the professional".
Recall that Free recently launched its Delta Freeboxes and Freebox One, to which was added the Delta S offer. Several customers had expressed their dissatisfaction with the migration rates considered too high. The operator then reacted by changing its fee schedule, which nevertheless remains quite complex to grasp. We'll explaine everything here !

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