Free has lost a lot of subscribers in 2018, on landline like mobile

The 2018 financial results of the operator Free are available. The opportunity to see the bleeding subscribers on the year, that the presentation of the Freebox Delta does not seem to stop.

The "telecom troublemaker" as it is called is about to become … an operator like the others. After having hit a big blow for his arrival on the mobile market, a consistent movement in view of his liabilities in the fixed, it seems that the operator of Iliad is forced to get into the nails.
In any case, this is what his financial results suggest for the year 2018. His mere image of "white knight" no longer seems sufficient.
Fleeing subscribers and half-hearted results
As explained Le Figaro, Free has lost no less than 347,000 subscribers in 2018. This is 93,000 subscribers on the landline, and no less than 254,000 subscribers on the mobile, confirming that c is on this last point that the operator encounters the most difficulty. The controversy surrounding the announcement and release of the Delta Freebox is not far away.
However, the group's turnover rose by 0.6% to 4.9 billion euros. All is not rosy however, since its exclusively French sales amounted to "only" 4,768 billion euros, a loss of 1.9%: Italy will have brought the overall growth. The net result of the company is thus 330 million euros, a loss of 18.5%.
New strategy for 2019
What to do in this situation? The "troublemaker" seems to have no choice but to join the ranks, seeking to improve its margins and diversify its portfolio. We have seen in the creation of a third package for Free Mobile, but also the multiplicity of offers on fixed.
The Delta Freebox is also an effort in this direction. More than a new box, it is a move upmarket for the operator who now – as well as its competitors – on the services associated with its box to stand out. Improving the quality of the Free network is also important, and the operator promises to "continue to invest heavily in both fiber and 4G".
Free is also thinking about reselling its pylons in order to generate a necessary margin for future investments.

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