Free Mobile: Free 60 GB Series at € 8.99 / month becomes the third official package

After disguising it as a limited edition, Free Mobile has decided to convert its 60GB package for 8.99 euros per month into a third official package.

When Free started offering a new temporary series at 50 GB per month, we suspected that it had the potential to become the third package of the operator who has always been stingy diversity of offers.
Many weeks have passed allowing the mobile operator to retouch here and there its formula, always under the cover of a limited edition whose end date was only postponed ad vitam aeternam. The carousel stops at last.
The 60 GB series is the third official Free package
As you can see on the operator's website, the 60 GB series is now here to stay; she has no more deadline. It is between the basic package at 2 euros per month – free for Freebox subscribers – and the 100 GB package per month – unlimited for Freebox subscribers.
The package costs you 8.99 euros per month for one year, before it is automatically converted into a package to 100 GB per month for 19.99 euros. As a reminder, the 60 GB Series package includes:
60 GB of data per month (4 GB roaming)
unlimited calls, SMS and MMS
without engagement
 Find the Free 60 GB series at 8.99 euros per month

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