Free Mobile hits hard with 9 new roaming destinations

Head to the East for Free Mobile. This Tuesday, the operator announces nine new destinations included in the 25 GB of roaming mobile data in its most comprehensive package.

Serbia, Montenegro, Byelorussia, Macedonia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan are the new destinations included in the 25 GB envelope dedicated to the roaming of Free, announces this morning the Illiad company through a press release. A list that continues to grow, since we learned just two weeks ago the addition of two new destinations in this offer. These nine new destinations are available today for members of the 100 GB package, without this requiring any manipulation of the user.
Free turns to the international
Free now has more than 65 countries included in the 25 GB data roaming package to 19.99 euros per month (15.99 euros per month for Freebox subscribers). With so many local partners, Free is positioning itself as a first choice operator for the most nomadic users wishing to benefit from data abroad. Especially since the operator has now written in black and white that data roaming is no longer only 3G, but also 4G depending on availability.
The operator continues to expand
Despite a delay of Free Mobile on the side of 4G coverage and debit in France, it is much more aggressive on other strategic segments. Starting with the tariffs, since Free disrupted the telecom landscape in 2012 by offering much lower pricing than its competitors, forcing them to align.
But it is internationally that the operator shines, offering many new destinations available in roaming. Free is not content with Europe for its mobile data envelope, and offers more exotic regions of the world, such as South America, Oceania or the East. It is in this way that the operator intends to seduce nomadic users, whose French coverage is not the priority.
The destinations included in the envelope of 25 GB of data abroad
But the operator is not resting on its laurels, and intends to improve the quality of its network in the Hexagon. Indeed, the ANFR (the National Frequency Agency) gave Free the green light so that it could develop a fourth frequency, the one at 2100 MHz. Originally designed for the 3G network, this frequency will now be used by Free to continue extending its 4G coverage.
With 147 new sites with antennas in January, the operator intends to catch up with the competition, both in terms of the proposed rate and coverage of the population.
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