Free Mobile: in which countries does roaming work at no extra cost?

Are you subscribed to Free Mobile and you are about to travel? Discover what the operator's plans integrate abroad.

Update 15/01/2019: Tunisia joins the destinations included in the package to 20 euros.
Now that most packages include unlimited voice, unlimited SMS and enough data in mainland France for the majority of subscribers, operators are fighting a war abroad on destinations included, without charge, in their offers.
Free Mobile offers destinations in its two packages, the 2 euros and the 20 euros.
The package at 2 euros
The cheapest package of Free Mobile is content to follow European legislation, without additional benefits. It integrates:
2 hours of calls to use from Europe or DOM, to landlines and mobiles in mainland France, Europe and the DOM
unlimited SMS and MMS from Europe and the overseas departments to mainland France, Europe and the DOM
50 MB / month to use from Europe or DOM, in addition to the 50 MB available in metropolitan France (0.05 € / MB beyond)
Be careful, in the case of Free, Europe includes only the countries of the European Union, and therefore does not include either Switzerland or Andorra, which is often found in other operators.
The package at 20 euros
Of course, the package thought for travelers is rather that at 20 euros per month. It is much more generous, and allows to actually use his smartphone, even abroad. It integrates:
Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from Europe or DOM to fixed and mobile in France, Europe and the DOM
Calls, SMS and MMS unlimited from other countries, to fixed and mobile from the same country and to metropolitan France. These countries are: United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Israel
25 GB / month in 3G from Europe, DOM, USA, Canada, Mexico, Algeria, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Ukraine, New Zealand, Israel, Thailand, Tunisia, Russia, India, Malaysia, Turkey , Isle of Man and the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey (except package beyond)
In Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal, subscribers benefit from a 4G network.

As you can see, Free Mobile has slightly complicated its offer over the years by offering only its Internet package in some countries, such as Switzerland, without also integrating voice and unlimited SMS. Moreover, unlike other operators, Free Mobile is content to integrate roaming into 3G, while 4G networks are becoming widespread. The speed of connection could be quite disappointing.
Attention to off-package
The package is still globally generous, including by integrating countries such as the United States or Canada, which are rarely present at this rate among competitors, with a large envelope of 25 GB. Attention however, beyond the quota of 25 GB of data, Free Mobile charges the consumption out-of-package. A consumption that can quickly be very expensive (3 euros / MB in Algeria for example)!
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