Free Mobile launches into reconditioned smartphone: cheaper, and more eco-friendly

The operator Free Mobile has signed with Recommerce, one of the specialists in the sale of refurbished devices. A new method of buying more interesting for the environment, and cheaper.

To protect the environment, one of the simplest things is to increase the life of our devices, which consume a lot of resources during their manufacture.
This may include buying second-hand, but buying a smartphone from an individual can scare the guarantees of operation of the device. The best alternative is often to buy repackaging. A company restores the state of the smartphone as much as possible, adds a legal guarantee and sells it at a low price.
That's what Free Mobile now offers.
The iPhone 6 to less than 200 euros
The operator has signed with ReCommerce, one of the repackaging champions in France. It is the latter who takes care of repackaging the devices in its factories, and offer them to Free Mobile. It is not the first operator with whom it does business, since Bouygues Telecom already offers smartphones refurbished by ReCommerce.

For the moment Free Mobile offers only one smartphone, the Apple iPhone 6 whose marketing date of 2014. The smartphone has an update until the latest version, iOS 12.
It is marketed by Free Mobile at 199 euros for the 16 GB version.
Note that Bouygues Telecom sells other iPhone models, including the newer iPhone 7 and 8. We imagine that Free Mobile will soon offer more models.


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