Free Mobile Sales-Private: New Wave of Lifetime Discount Offered to Retain Subscribers

In small form, Free Mobile wishes to retain its customers who have registered by Sale-Private, offering them an offer of 9 euros per month "for life" for 100 GB of data.
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For several years now, Free has multiplied promotional offers on Vente-Privée to quickly increase its number of subscribers. After a good period of growth, the operator is now facing difficulties, especially regarding the loyalty of its customers and the average price of the subscription.
In 2018, the operator had for the first time chosen to offer a discounted subscription to its registered subscribers through Vente-Privée. He chose to renew the operation.
A 100 GB package at 9.99 euros per month valid "for life"
The Univers-Freebox site reports that Free Mobile sent a wave of emails offering promotions to subscribers registered by Vente-Privée between March 15 and March 31, 2018. This means that these subscribers are currently in their last month of subscription at a reduced rate.
This new promotion keeps the Free Mobile plan at 9.99 euros per month instead of 19.99 euros per month "for life". Like SFR RED, this means that there is no end to the preferential tariff, and therefore it will continue beyond 12 months. However, this does not prevent the customer from leaving elsewhere, or the operator of a day decide to increase the rate by adding benefits to the package.
As a reminder, the private sale offer of March 2018 concerning the Free Mobile plan with unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS, 100 GB per month of data in 4G and 25 GB per month while roaming abroad.

                        Prixtel – Special Series February 26
                        Unlimited calls
                        Unlimited SMS / MMS
                        10 GB – 100 GB
                        Free Special Series 4G Package – 50 GB February 26
                        Unlimited calls
                        Unlimited SMS / MMS
                        50 GB
                        RED SFR 4G Package – 40 GB February 27
                        Unlimited calls
                        Unlimited SMS / MMS
                        40 GB
                        10 €
    See all packages


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