Free Mobile: the 4G data volume of the middle plan decreases

The interim and temporary flat rate of Free Mobile sees its data volume decrease from 60 to 50 GB per month.

Since this summer, Free Mobile offers on its site a third interim and "temporary" package. It has been constantly renewed since then. As a reminder, this package is offered at 8.99 euros per month for 12 months (subscribers then switch to the package to 19.99 euros per month), and integrates the voice and SMS / MMS unlimited, and 3 GB of data abroad and a quota of 50 to 60 GB of 4G in France.
The yo-yo between 50 and 60 GB of data
When launching the package this summer, it included a volume of 50 GB of data. Then when renewing the offer in September, Free Mobile had increased the volume to 60 GB for new subscribers.
The operator has once again changed its offer, this time to reduce the package to its initial volume of 50 GB. This has the effect of aligning the offer of the site of Free Mobile, with the private sale of the operator . New subscribers who go through the site Vente Privée will not be harmed compared to new subscribers of the site. Too bad the operator did not prefer rather to make an alignment up.
             Find the special offer at 8.99 euros per month

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