Freebox Delta: Free announces it has reached 100,000 subscribers

The Iliad group announces that it has convinced more than 100,000 subscribers to subscribe to a Freebox Delta offer in less than 2 months.

The announcement of the Freebox Delta was undoubtedly one of the most important tech events in France at the end of the year 2018. With this product, Free has engaged a big turn towards the high-end market, even if use of "couscous dumplings" that the operator criticized so much among its competitors.
Technologically impressive, this new box was also associated with a package incorporating a Netflix subscription, and other services.
Freebox Delta or Freebox Delta S?
This Thursday, March 14, the group Iliad proudly announces to have convinced more than 100,000 subscribers to subscribe to a Freebox Delta offer. It says "one" and not "the" because the operator has corrected the shot by offering a Freebox Delta S package without the box TV at 480 euros and without Netflix. The operator had also quickly adjusted its subscription conditions to be more flexible.
In its press release, Free does not detail which of the 100,000 subscribers concerned chose a Freebox Delta S plan, or who chose to subscribe or not to the optional packs. We interviewed the group about this and are now waiting for the answer.
This is crucial information to know if Free will succeed or not to increase the average basket of its subscribers. It is this objective that could allow the operator to reassure its investors. For several months, the group has been struggling to boost share prices. In February, the share price fell back to that of 2011.
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