Freebox Delta: Free opens the accessory shop, with some absentees

The Delta Freebox will soon be celebrating its two months of commercialization. The opportunity for Free to launch the accessory shop, another way to increase the bill.

The launch of the Freebox Delta, formerly called the Freebox V7, marked the end of 2018. This new offer, so complex that it looks like a couscous dumplings decried by Xavier Niel, redefines what can be the box of an ISP.
The founder of Free had promised the arrival of an accessories store, similar to what was offered with the Freebox Revolution. The shop is now online.
No 10 Gbps accessories on the program
Spotted by Univers-Freebox, the shop offers for the moment to buy, or rather to buy, accessories already provided with the Freebox Delta: a pair of Freeplugs for 89.99 euros, an HDMI cable for 4.99 euros, or still a Wi-Fi camera for 39.99 euros.

Unfortunately, Free does not seem at the moment to be marketing products that would be recommended for its box, such as 10 Gb / s compatible devices. As demonstrated by Numerama, the selection of 10 Gb / s products is still very poor, and they are often quite expensive (a Netgear Nighthawk router at 500 euros for example).
Hope that Free will add new products to his shop in the future.
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