Freebox Delta S: Free launches new package without TV box and without Netflix

As expected, Free has quickly launched a new Freebox Delta package without the TV box and related services. Netflix and Canal + are no longer in the game.
As Xavier Niel announced last week, Free today launches a new Freebox Delta S package. This package differs from the classic offer by the absence of the TV box Player Free | Devialet sold 480 euros. This is the ideal offer for those who already have a connected TV, an Apple TV or an Android TV box, but would like to take advantage of the very ambitious Freebox Server.
Goodbye Netflix and Canal, home automation remains
From the Freebox Delta offer, there remains with this package S only the Freebox Server box. New features of the Freebox Delta mean that the offer always includes the following elements.
10G fiber access (up to 8 Gbit / s down, 400 Mbit / s up)
XDSL + 4G access (with the limit at 250 GB / month)
the NAS (with 1 TB hard drive at 40 euros at the time of subscription)
Philips Hue, Somfy compatible home automation system and the Safety Pack
This package is available now at 39.99 euros per month. It is non-binding, but Free imposes 49 euros of commissioning fees. Fees that the operator has recently removed from its other Freebox Delta offer. The cancellation fee remains 49 euros.


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