Freebox Delta: UFC-Que Choisir attacks Free for its questionable practices

UFC-Que Choisir does not only attack SFR. The proof: the association has just put formal notice Free concerning its new Freebox Delta, whose presentation is considered deceptive for future customers.

In 2018, one could believe following the news that all the evils of the telecom world come from one and the same name: SFR. Yet, all operators have some pots behind them … but also to come.
As such, the presentation of the new Freebox Delta was as astonished as it caused the ire of subscribers. It must be said that in addition to a price revised upwards, Free has also hidden some surprise costs that he also quickly removed.
UFC-Que Choisir attacks Free
However, this is not enough to convince the UFC-Que Choisir who indicates in a new article to put in residence the operator of Iliad. Several reasons are raised for this.
The first concerns the display of the prices charged by the operator on his site. This one puts forward on its site at first an offer to 49.99 euros a month, before adding on the following page the expenses of purchase of the box which amounts to 480 euros cash or 10 euros per month for 48 months.
A presentation deemed to be misleading, especially when operators are legally required to include all additional punctuations as soon as the display price. As a reminder, other operators had been put back to order for the same problem.

Free may have changed its policy so that the commissioning fee is no longer charged, they have simply removed services (the hard drive 1 TB and security pack) for that can be purchased in addition . UFC-Que Choisir is asking Free to reimburse these fees to buyers who subscribed to the offer between December 5 and December 11, before Xavier Niel's turnaround.
And finally, the termination fees are also pointed out. Free invoice 49 euros for the termination of the offer to all subscribers, but did not justify the reason for these charges. However, he is required to do so legally.
For all this, Free will have 15 days to get back in order. If this is not done within this time, then the UFC-Que Choisir will alert the DGCCRF and may launch new procedures to force the hand of the operator. The first step of Xavier Niel was a step in the right direction, but many things still need to be fixed before the new Freebox Delta offer is in accordance with the law and readable for the consumer.


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