From the 4G fixed to the house: which 4G packages and which box in 2019?

When 4G Internet offers are the only alternatives to bad quality ADSL, this is a solution to seriously consider to enjoy a decent flow in 2019. We took the time to study all the packages adapted to this situation. , for which we deliver to you, in particular with the help of our comparative of the box 4G, some precious advices on this technology and on the material necessary to equip well.

4G Fixed Fixed Offers
For some time, mobile operators have started marketing 4G internet offers. More concretely, these are alternatives to ADSL, ADSL2 +, VDSL, fiber optic and satellite. Today, four operators have this type of 4G internet offers:
Most offer 200GB of data per month, with bandwidth clamping beyond, but there are also 4G Internet offerings with unlimited traffic volume. However, do not hesitate to read the terms and conditions. For example, NRJ Mobile does not really offer unlimited … in reality, it is about 1000 GB before being clamped. This remains a particularly comfortable data envelope with more than 30 GB per day.
Note that at Bouygues, SFR and Orange, the first month is still offered to test the offer without risk, which is also the case for NRJ Mobile despite its commitment of 12 months.
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These 4G Internet offers are therefore associated with physical boxes: they are roughly routers that will connect to the 4G network and distribute it via Ethernet and WiFi. Depending on the offers, you are not obliged to buy or rent the equipment put forward by the operator. Go to the third section of this article to learn more about our 4G box comparison.
What there is to know
Classic packages work
Above all, know that you do not need a fixed 4G Internet offer to equip your home with 4G access. In fact, most operators accept "modem" use, even on non-binding offers. You can subscribe to a Free Mobile offer, for example, or take advantage of one of the many promotions. You just need to buy a portable or fixed router, which we will talk about in the third part of this article.
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Traditional mobile plans can do the trick, but they are not packages for this purpose. We advise you to consider this type of offer as extra access. If you use a mobile plan as a fixed 4G access, the operator may block it if you exceed certain excessive usage. Conversely, 4G Internet offers are normally designed to allow an entire family to connect, some routers accept up to 30 simultaneous connections.
4G as the main connection to the house
If you consider 4G access at home, you have no access to a proper xDSL connection, fiber optic access or cable access. We advise you to check the coverage and quality of the network using different tools (we also recommend this reading).
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Coverage is one thing, but it does not guarantee access to operators' 4G Internet offers. You have to be eligible. For example, at SFR, it is necessary to be located near a 4G antenna and to benefit from an ADSL bit rate lower than 10 Mb / s. At Bouygues, there is another criterion which is not put forward: must reside near a 4G antenna that is not already overloaded. If you're not eligible, turn to the classic mobile deals and buy a 4G router next door.
Also be aware that you will not access the theoretical rates. It is unlikely that you will be able to benefit from 100 to 300 Mb / s with 4G Internet access. You will certainly have 30 to 70 Mb / s (or more) downstream and 15 to 50 Mb / s (or more) upstream. Indeed, it is already better than what can provide an ADSL access.
Finally, 4G technology has disadvantages that must be known. First, 4G access is much less stable than ADSL or fiber optic access. If you are an online player, the latency will be awkward: it will be too important and you may have a bad gaming experience. It is also possible that the 4G router disconnects from time to time. From a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on network coverage and your carrier. Finally, there are also repeated IP changes – which can also be annoying for some tasks – but this is a good example of behavior that can be problematic or completely unnoticed.
One of the editorial staff has tested 4G as the main Internet access, so you can better understand the limit of this technology as Internet access at home. And again, it was a temporary solution in an urbanized environment. If you are thinking about opting for 4G at home, unfortunately you have no other choice to improve your life on the Internet.
4G routers and hotspots
Read the following lines, our comparative box 4G will provide you with valuable advice.
Some tips
Choosing the right package is the first step. The second is to find the right material for your needs. You can choose a 4G hotspot, which has the advantage of being easily transportable and to follow you everywhere. However, it offers fewer options and features, and less stable access than 4G routers.
You can also choose a 4G router. They often offer as many options of a WiFi router, with connectors adapted to the home (Ethernet jacks). Often the antennas are integrated into the router, but connectors on the back can allow the use of external antennas to improve the quality of the signal in reception. We advise you to check the characteristics of the WiFi, but also the 4G modem (categories, frequency bands).
Our recommendation
Among the best 4G routers, we recommend the TP-Link 4G LTE Wi-Fi AC router. Why ? Because it integrates 4 Ethernet ports with the ability to share the network with 64 devices simultaneously, dual-band Wi-Fi in 2.4 GHz (up to 300 Mb / s) and 5 GHz (up to 867 Mb / s) and offers good value for money. It is generally sold around 99 euros on Amazon.

If you prefer to put a little more money for your 4G router, there is the Huawei B525s. It integrates a complete interface, many connectors, WiFi a / b / g / n / ac at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (up to 1300 Mb / s local) and a modem 4G + cat. 6 which supports all frequency bands including the 700 MHz (important for Free Mobile). Count less than 150 euros on Amazon.

The least expensive alternative is to use the modem function of your smartphone, but consider this option as a very temporary access. You will find a selection of 4G hotspots and routers at this address.
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