Fuell introduces Fluid and Flow, a bike and electric bike with promising performance

Launched by a trio of entrepreneurs including Erik Buell, a former Harley-Davidson, the new brand Fuell offers a 100% electric offer of a very long-range bike and a relatively affordable bike.

If there is one good young start-up to watch over the next few months, it would be no doubt the brand Fuell, founded by a trio of entrepreneurs whose expertise in the automotive field is no longer to prove: Erik Buell worked for 16 years at Harley-Davidson, Frédéric Vasseur served for a year as director of the Renault Sport Racing competition and François-Xavier Terny is, among others, the founder of Vanguard Moto, which, as its name suggests, makes motorcycles.
With their experience in their respective sectors, the three men embarked on a new adventure in keeping with the environmental issues of our time. Thus was born the brand Fuell, very paradoxical surname: you will understand, this young push actually develops two-wheel 100% electric. And the least we can say is that their design catches the eye.
Fluid, one of the best autonomies of the market
In an attempt to grab a share of the cake, Fuell designed two electrified products: a bike, named Fluid, and a motorcycle, called Flow, both featured in an official press release published on March 4, 2019. The first is described like an electric bike both "robust and elegant", and comes in two distinct versions: the Pedelec and S-Pedelec, respectively equipped with 250 and 500W motor giving them a top speed of 32 and 45 km / h.

Fluid also has a double removable battery of a total of 980Wh: enough to guarantee a 200-kilometer range all the same, for a final price of 3295 dollars. The Flow electric bike is equivalent to a 125cc. Like Fluid, two versions of the product make up the manufacturer's offer: the Flow 1 and the Flow-1S, whose engines reach a power of 11 kW and 35 kW.
In addition to the 200-kilometer range, Fuell relies on proprietary technology innovations to stand out from the competition – the Harley-Davidson LiveWire or NXT Motors NXT Rage. Its compatibility with the fast charge CCS should also considerably reduce the cooldown.
Flow, a very aggressive fee schedule
The strong point of the Flow bike remains its price: $ 10,995, a relatively lower price structure than other models on the market. The founders of the company will provide new information in the months of March and April, and will also be available to the press if requested. Demonstrations could even take place.
It will then wait until mid-April to discover their respective technical sheet in full, while having the opportunity to pre-order models. The first deliveries of the Fluid bike will take place at the end of 2019, those of the Flow bike by the year 2021.

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