Galaxy Fold: Samsung bends over backwards to reassure its durability

While the Galaxy Fold is fast approaching, Samsung seeks to reassure the sustainability of its foldable screen. As evidenced by a video of the tests carried out internally by the company.

After years of fantasy, foldable smartphones are now a reality. The first to present his product is none other than Samsung with the Galaxy Fold, which has the distinction of folding very hard to integrate inside the chassis.
From this arose concern about the durability of the latter, especially as the fold is visible to the naked eye. Samsung is launching today in a communication campaign to reassure on this point.
Samsung promises a tough Galaxy Fold
This is seen through the release of a video on his official YouTube channel showing the sustainability tests performed internally on the device.

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It can be seen that several devices undergo repeated opening and closing of automated machines, making it possible to estimate its durability to 200 000 actions of this kind. This represents 5 years of use according to the manufacturer.
The brand does not seem safe itself
Despite everything, the brand does not seem confident. According to information from Bloomberg, Samsung would worry about this durability and think even to offer a free replacement screen buyers, in case of a blow. A "solution" that would be extremely expensive for the brand.
It must be said that a fact is not reassuring: despite the expected release in a little over a month of the phone, no member of the press has yet to take it in hand … unlike the Huawei Mate X d ' elsewhere. That adds to the general concern.


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