Galaxy Fold: Samsung in turn criticizes the design of the Huawei Mate X

Huawei had criticized Samsung for the design of its foldable smartphone. In response, the South Korean leader explains why his Galaxy Fold does not look like Mate X.

Attack and counterattack. The Huawei Mate X was officially unveiled at the MWC 2019. The foldable smartphone – and compatible 5G – has the distinction of having a screen that bends outward. This allows him to have a pretty attractive design, not too thick.
In this regard, the CEO of Huawei consumer branch, Richard Yu, had given himself a sharp criticism against the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the great competitor of Mate X, who bends inward. The representative of Huawei had indeed said that it was a "bad" design making the device "too heavy".
Outside against inside
The market leader did not want to deal with this affront without retorting. Eui-suk Chung, Samsung's vice president of R & D, spoke to the issue in an interview with the Australian Financial Review. "We tried the fold out, but the users did not like it," he said.
Before adding:
If you opt for an outward fold, you can close the device completely, but the display is outside, which means it is sensitive to all kinds of usage errors. You could touch it by mistake or call someone by mistake. And if you drop it, the screen is more likely to be damaged.
What sustainability?
Eui-suk Chung mentions the risk of damage. It is indeed important to point out that Plastic OLED tiles used for folding screens are more fragile than the traditional Gorilla Glass glass screens.

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On the Huawei Mate X, this foldable screen is constantly exposed, causing some concerns about its durability. This is what we explained in our handling of the product.
On the Galaxy Fold, the question arises less, since the small screen on the front, usable when the smartphone is folded, is glass and therefore better protected. Note that the Corning company is working on an evolution of the Gorilla Glass protection that could adapt to foldable screens and thus guarantee them greater resistance.
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