Galaxy Fold: Samsung would be worried about the durability of its folding screen

Does the Samsung Galaxy Fold screen suffer from a folding defect? This is what the agency Bloomberg, while the announced release of this smartphone is only in a little over a month.

Now just over a month from the official release of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung is still working on its screen to correct a defect. This is what Bloomberg announces, indicating that this information comes from sources close to the brand.
Indeed, Samsung is trying to fix a flaw of the foldable screen of the Galaxy Fold. After about 10,000 creases, a film between the screen and the touch screen would crinkle, leaving imperfections.
For example, and according to a Deloitte survey published in 2016, a French user consults his cell phone on average 26 times a day. A figure that almost doubles for the 18-24 age group, to reach 50. The calculation is then rather simple: if you open your Galaxy Fold 26 times a day, the life of the screen is estimated at 384 days, a little over a year. Results to moderate however, because the second small screen of the Galaxy Fold can be used without the need to open the phone.
A screen replacement as a solution?
Still according to Bloomberg and its sources close to the brand, one of the solutions found by Samsung would be to offer free screen replacements to the owners of the Galaxy Fold. A solution that seems to act as a patch, since it is imagined very expensive for the brand.

Look but do not touch: Galaxy Fold makes its MWC debut
– Unicorno ⿲ (@ocionaweb) February 26, 2019

This defect of the screen would be the cause of lack of grip of this Samsung Galaxy Fold MWC 2019. If Samsung has preferred to leave his smartphone in glass cages, it is precisely to hide this possible technical flaw.
Are foldable smartphones ready?
This screen problem does not reassure the viability of this new type of design in the world of smartphones. If the Galaxy Fold is a victim, what about the Huawei Mate X? The collapsible smartphone Huawei, he was less discreet than his competitor. Omar could even take it in hand, and did not find any traces of wear on the fold of this phone. It should be noted that Samsung is not stingy in criticism of the Huawei Mate X, indicating that its screen was "more likely to be damaged."
Asked about the concerns and possibilities of replacing the screen, Samsung France has not yet responded. We will update this article when this is the case.

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