Galaxy Fold: Samsung would prepare two more foldable smartphones

Samsung would not stop at the Galaxy Fold and would already have in its cartons, two other foldable devices.

Foldable smartphones are already one of the main trends of the year 2019. In this market, the two main competitors are Samsung, which has already introduced its Galaxy Fold, and the Huawei Mate X. The latter with its design avant-garde has seduced a lot.
Samsung does not intend to let steal the show, so the company will develop two new foldable smartphones with new design.
A time full of experimentation
According to the well-known Bloomberg, Samsung would work on a device incorporating the design of Mate X, with a screen flowing outward to turn into a smartphone. The other device would be clamshell, which is more like the Motorola Razr foldable.
Concept based on some Samsung patents
The latter device is currently scheduled to be announced at the end of the year, or early 2020, we imagine either alongside the next Galaxy Note, or with the Galaxy S11, or whatever its name.
As on the Galaxy Fold, Samsung would offer a second screen on the outside of the flap, to use the phone when it is closed. This is however a point that Samsung could rework, according to the opinions received at the exit of the Galaxy Fold.
A screen replacement option
This second screen is added to avoid too often unfold and fold the main screen whose life is limited. According to Bloomberg, Samsung would work to increase the life, and the firm would think to offer a free exchange of the screen to improve the warranty.


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