Galaxy Note: Samsung has designed a S Pen Pen with camera to avoid the notch

In a patent, Samsung has imagined integrating a camera into the S Pen pen of its range of Galaxy Note smartphones. An optical zoom is even mentioned.

Samsung has a funny story with the notch. The South Korean leader has long mocked this aesthetic detail came to settle on the front of a lot of smartphones – the Google Pixel 3 XL had been particularly subject to a quaint joking. Subsequently, the manufacturer has made a small breach to his rule by officially presenting his Galaxy M. These are indeed hit with a discreet notch shaped drop.
But let's look more towards the future. On the Galaxy S10, we know that the camera will be lodged in a hole in the screen, but what about the next Galaxy Note? The site Patently Mobile has gotten a patent granted to Samsung by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
In this document, we can see that Samsung has considered placing a camera in the S Pen – remember that this is the stylus that is the special feature of the range Note.

Optical zoom
The manufacturer explains in the patent to integrate an optical zoom system comprising at least one lens and an image sensor.
Hard to imagine an optical zoom system in an object as thin as the S Pen. This normally requires the integration of a rather thick photo module and that is why the digital zoom is still the preferred solution by smartphone manufacturers. After, it is not impossible that Samsung has a clever solution to work around this problem.
The patent also explains that the camera would be controlled by a button on the edge of the S Pen Pen. The idea is rather surprising and it is difficult to evaluate at the moment if it is clever or absurd. The future may tell us. However, it is worth remembering that this is a patent and that there is no way to know if Samsung will actually implement this innovation.
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