Galaxy S10: Late on its deliveries, Samsung France apologizes and promises to fix it quickly

After several consumers have complained about not receiving their pre-ordered Galaxy S10s, Samsung France has been keen to respond and promises that all products will be delivered by the end of the month.

When announcing its Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e on February 20, Samsung also released pre-orders for its three new models. We do not have the exact figures, but no doubt that many consumers in France hastened to place an order to receive their precious three days before the official marketing of the products on March 8th.
Unfortunately, several Internet users have reported to us by email or on social networks that they are still waiting for their smartphones.

⚠ Many of you have reported delays in delivery on the # GalaxyS10 preco.
Among the users concerned, do not hesitate to provide us your testimony by commenting (and do not hesitate to RT)
– FrAndroid 📱⌚️🖥🎮🎧 (@twandroid) March 12, 2019

Samsung reacts
To find out more, we contacted Samsung France and the company sent us an official statement by email:
We are currently facing delays in the delivery of Galaxy S10 purchased during the pre-order period. We are sorry for this situation and are doing everything possible to remedy it as quickly as possible, the satisfaction of our customers being a priority. We have already contacted the people concerned to inform them of the delivery date of their order. All deliveries will have been made by March 23rd.
We publish this article on March 14, 2019. According to Samsung, delivery concerns should end in a little over a week.

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It will therefore wait a little longer.
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