Galaxy S10 / S10e: display the battery level around the front unit with Energy Ring

A developer has released an application to display the battery level of your Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10e in the form of a colored light around the "bubble" of the front camera. It's called Energy Ring and can be downloaded for free.

The "bubble" Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 + has leaked a lot of ink. If some people find it ugly, the community was quick to appropriate this hole and have fun with decorating it with fun wallpapers. A developer went even further by finding it a handy feature.
The Energy Ring application makes it possible to display a colored circle around the camera of the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10e representing the battery level of the phone. It is possible to customize the display by choosing the thickness of the indicator, its color or its animation or direction of flow. You can also choose the color of the bar according to the remaining percentage of battery.

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The developer of the application has also thought of the inconvenience that could cause and can hide automatically this indicator when an application is displayed full screen. In addition, this colored circle does not appear on the smartphone's screen saver to prevent burn-in of the screen.
Free with in-app purchase
Energy Ring is a free application, but it is possible to unlock even more customization options through an in-app purchase of 2.69 euros (or more if you want to reward the developer).
For now, the application is only compatible with the two small models, but a compatible version with the Galaxy S10 + bubble is under development.
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