Galaxy S10: Samsung imagines a solution so that the hole in the screen is never unused

In a patent, Samsung describes a transparent screen applied over the screen of a smartphone so that the space cleared by the photo sensor is never "lost". We can possibly think that the Galaxy S10 will benefit.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is scheduled for February. It will not be necessary to wait very long before officially discovering this highly anticipated smartphone.
A lot of information is already circulating about it, particularly with regard to the integration of its front photo sensor. Samsung has indeed opted for a hole in a corner of the screen to accommodate said sensor without compromising the display area. This is also what we can already see on the Honor View 20.
However, Samsung probably does not want the hole to be too visible in the screen. That is why, in a patent filed in 2017 before being obtained in January 2019, the Korean giant has imagined integrating a second thin and transparent screen over the photo sensor so that the "empty" space is not not lost and can always be used in times when you do not take a selfie.

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What possible applications?
In the document spotted by LetsGoDigital, the South Korean manufacturer describes several uses: a heart icon in flapping could be displayed in the hole of the screen when the user uses a biometric sensor. This empty area could also display the symbol of a photo lens when opening the Camera application.

There is nothing to say for sure that the Galaxy S10 will benefit from this integration, but it is a possibility that should not immediately dismiss. Moreover, we can see this novelty as an additional step towards a front photo sensor completely hidden by the screen. And Samsung has never hidden its ambition to get there someday.
To know everything about the Galaxy S10 in approach, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated file. Until recently, the supposed prices of the smartphone surfaced on the web.
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