Galaxy S10: Samsung is preparing to play big, production would already be launched

Samsung would have planned to hit hard with the Galaxy S10: the production of the smartphone would have already started, a month before its previous models.

The year 2018 Samsung is far from bad. However, we can not say that it has been particularly good. His Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + may be very good phones, the innovation was rather on the side of Huawei and its P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro this year.
The Galaxy Note 9 was able to revive the general interest around the brand on the end of the year, but the momentum was not the same. The arrival of the Galaxy S10, the true models of renewal, should however change the deal.
Samsung would already produce its Samsung Galaxy S10
It seems that Samsung is aware of it. According to the sources of Max, editor of the site Samsung News often well informed, the production of the phones would have already started. That's an advance of about a month compared to previous high-end smartphones brand.

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for some nice leaks! According to my source Samsung has officially started the production of the Galaxy S10! (Picture
– Max | SamsungMobile.News (@Samsung_News_) December 18, 2018

However, we do not know if the production would only concern the Galaxy S10, the most "basic" model of the lineage, or if the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Plus are also concerned.
What are Samsung's plans?
Several tracks can be studied if this fact is proven. We can first consider that the perforated screens are more complicated to produce than the "Infinity Display", making it logical that production starts earlier.
On the other hand, one can also highlight the fact that Samsung would have planned to release three models and not two this year, making the pace of production more frenetic.
Finally, we can also see the fact that Samsung is preparing more substantial stocks for its launch of 2019, in anticipation of a strong demand to fill quickly. It must be said that the expectation around the perforated screens is strong, and the launch of the Galaxy A8S will have proved to the brand.
It's a safe bet that the reason for this advance is simply a mix of these three avenues. In which case, it would show a real desire to hit hard in 2019.

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