General Motors: two electric bikes, one compact, the other foldable, to begin its transition to zero emissions

The American brand General Motors has lifted the veil on two electric bikes launched under the brand ARĪV, newly created to position itself on the niche. Meld and Merge, of their names, will land in Europe in a few months.

A fine sum of $ 10,000 for the person who will find the most relevant name of electric bike brand: that is what promised General Motors, in November 2018, to all of its community wishing to participate in this small competition with friendly looks – and financially attractive. Four months later, the group apparently completed their research and completed their project.
The press release issued February 14, 2019, welcomed by fans of electric bikes as a love letter fell from the sky, has indeed lifted the veil on two electric models stamped ARV, the famous brand new GM dedicated to this mode urban mobility. Thus AR l'V Meld and ARĪV Merge were born, one compact, the other foldable.
Prices still very expensive
At the time of writing, France is not concerned by the launch of pre-orders. Only the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will initially benefit from this pair, because of the strong demand for electric bicycles observed in these countries. The price list is more or less the same according to the states:
Belgium: the ARĪV Meld at 2800 euros, ARĪV Merge at 3400 euros
Netherlands: the ARĪV Meld at 2800 euros, ARĪV Merge at 3400 euros
Germany: the ARĪV Meld at 2750 euros, ARĪV Merge at 3350 euros

For this price, the user will be at the controls of a two-wheel drive capable of holding up to 64 kilometers, thanks to its rechargeable battery in only 3.5 hours. A modest loading time, in short. For the safety of the cyclist, front and rear LED lights have been added to ensure good visibility with other road users.
Bikes connected
Like most other electric bikes in the industry, the ARĪV Meld and ARĪV Merge have the ability to pair with a mobile application via a Bluetooth connection. A way to view a range of data, from speed to distance to the remaining battery level, mileage or engine assistance level.
Finally, the Quad Lock support, known for its reliability and solidity, will welcome your smartphone safely. A USB port will even allow it to recharge during a route. The first orders will land in the course of the second quarter of 2019. Logically, the French market should be involved in the coming months.
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