Gesture navigation without touching the screen: this is the demo that promises LG at the MWC 2019

At MWC 2019, LG Mobile will demonstrate gesture navigation where you do not need to touch the screen. The builder means "goodbye" to the touch.

CES 2019 is behind us and fans of new technology shows are now turning to the upcoming 2019 MWC. This event takes place in Barcelona and is particularly oriented towards the mobile market. We expect so many new products.
LG Mobile will be part of it. The South Korean manufacturer shared a video on YouTube to announce that it will perform a demonstration called "Goodbye Touch" that could be translated as "Au revoir le tactile" in French.

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See you at MWC 2019
In this short content, we can see a hand interact with what is written beneath it, but never come into contact with the surface.
Everything leads to believe that LG will demonstrate a smartphone to navigate the interface with hand gestures, but without touching the screen.
Appointment is given Sunday, February 24, 2019 to learn more. Recall that the MWC should also be an opportunity to discover the LG G8 and the collapsible smartphone brand.

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