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Just after its announcement, we came across the Matebook 13. A variant of the Matebook X Pro that looks like the MacBook Air.

Huawei's new MateBook X Pro was already a success. We were rather excited to discover the new Matebook 13 (whose features are similar to the MacBook Air, it says and we will repeat it again). The design of the MateBook 13 is not original. In fact, I would say that this is a real scam Apple MacBook Air. Even the color is called "space gray", there is also a light gray. But the appearance of the MateBook 13 does not pose a problem, because it exudes quality and good design intelligence.
The Matebook 13 and the Matebook X Pro
The smooth metal finish is top, everything is solid, from the frame to the screen but also the hinge. The latter is perfectly his job: I can lift the screen with one finger and the entire PC remains in place. This is something that most laptops can not properly perform.

The MateBook 13 has two USB-C (USB 3.0) ports, but no full-size USB port. There is also a helmet port, thankfully. The connection part is really skinny, here again … Huawei seems to have been inspired by Apple.
The screen of the MateBook 13 is amazing: it is a touch screen high definition, contrasts and bright with fine borders. Moreover, it takes the ratio of display 3: 2 of the Matebook X Pro. This format makes productivity tasks much easier than with large screens, especially for browsing the web.

The camera is (fortunately) not located in the keyboard but on the top of the screen in the border (like all other PCs). You will be able to hide more easily your double chin. The keyboard is top, the return is good and it is backlit, finally the glass trackpad is massive and efficient. This Matebook 13 seems to be a success at first glance, Cassim must be eager to test it.
This Matebook 13 seems to be a success at first glance.
The rest of the features of the Matebook 13 are available in the announcement article. We have no information yet on its availability in France, nor its price in Europe. The Matebook X Pro has been marketed in QWERTY format, so there is a good chance of landing the Matebook 13.


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