Giraffe, shark, wild boar and owl: four new animojis arrive with iOS 12.2

With the future deployment of iOS 12.2, four new animojis will be available: giraffe, shark, wild boar and owl. You can already discover them in beta.

If there is one thing that can not be removed from Apple, it is its ability to create fashions within the high-tech industry. One of them is none other than animojis, these animated characters taking the place of your facies to create small animated videos to send in message to your contacts.
These are very popular among iPhone users, and Android builders regularly look to copy them with a little less success. The beta of iOS 12.2 presents us four new facies for users, as spotted by MacRumors.
Four new animojis for iOS 12.2
At the global release of iOS 12.2 on the iPhone and iPad of this world, you will be able to make you giraffe, shark, owl or boar. You can see the demonstration below:

New iOS 12.2 Beta #Animoji in action! Giraffe, Shark, Owl and Boar
– (@MacRumors) February 4, 2019

As always, the focus is mostly on fun. Do not expect to remake the Teeth of the Sea on this occasion.
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