Gmail celebrates 15 years with several new features in sight

Yesterday, Gmail was celebrating its 15th birthday. And Google took the opportunity to show what he has in his mail in the near future. Text predictions, email scheduling, application integration, let's see what it gets ready for the most popular email service.

April 1, 2004 released Gmail, the new email service created by Google. Already innovative at the time, it has emerged as the most popular messaging service in the world ahead of Outlook and Yahoo. But it is constantly evolving, incorporating new features every year to make life easier for the user. And to celebrate its anniversary, the Mountain View company announced new improvements for its service.
Smart Compose
Introduced at Google I / O 2018, Smart Compose feature allows Gmail to predict the text of an email, so no need to type "Hello, no problem for the appointment I would be there at 17:30. Just type the beginning of the sentence so that Gmail offers you the end of the text. Already available in English and Pixel 3 smartphones, Google now makes it available in French, but also in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and is available on all Android smartphones and soon on iOS.However, despite the fact that Google announces that this feature is available, we can not yet use it in French on our side.
Finally, Smart Compose becomes smarter and will succeed in understanding your habits of expression. For example if you do not type "Hello", but "Hi", "Hey" or "Wesh then", Gmail will automatically offer the expression you use in priority!
Email planning
A long-awaited feature whose absence was often criticized in Gmail for Android: mail planning. Google will finally be able to natively offer the user the opportunity to choose when he wants to send an email. Functionality that can be used in many situations as to allow his message to arrive at the same time that a contact arrives at his place of work for example.

You're in a rush ? You do not want to waste time opening a new tab to reply to a comment on Google Docs or to search for a hotel for your trip? Well you can do it directly from your mailbox! Google will integrate shortcuts to different services like Pinterest, Doodle or OYO Rooms with its Dynamic Mails.
With the death of Inbox, Gmail continues to improve to recover the users of the deceased service.
These features will be available within a few days. Google announces them already available, but on our side we are not yet able to use the prediction of text and the planning of mails.
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