Gmail tests the best features of Inbox

On Gmail, Google is testing several features from Inbox, the experimental messaging service that is about to die.

Even after his death, he will continue to live … More or less. Inbox, the experimental mail client of Google, will disappear in a few weeks and this news announced last September had caused the excitement of a good number of users. It must be said that the application offered a nice lot of ingenious features.
The whole question was whether Gmail – the client on which Google focused – was going to offer the same benefits as its Inbox cousin. It looks like it's on track as can be seen from a user on Reddit who shared a screenshot of what appears to be a test version of the email application.
Inbox will live through Gmail
On the picture, we can admire the new Material Theming design in preparation on Android and iOS. But that's not all ! By scanning the screen, we can see several elements clearly imported from Inbox. First, we can see the Bundle option in action. On Inbox, it allowed to group similar mails between them. For example, all conversations talking about the same trip were grouped together in a common block.
Here, we can see the same functionality applied to the "Tech news" section which seems to gather the newsletters of several news sites. You must click on it to scroll down the list of the concerned mails.

In addition to this, the Reminder option also catches the eye. Here, Gmail tells the user that he should not forget to send an email to John. This is also a feature that already existed on Inbox. In the example above, it remains to be seen if this option is powered by Google Tasks, by Google Assistant, or directly by the mailbox, as was the case with Inbox.
Finally, note also the possibility to display only the pinned conversations, but it will be necessary to see how this one will cohabit with the system of stars which indicates the important mails. And let's not forget the little V-shaped button that marks all conversations as read (and still does not exist in the official version of Gmail on mobile).
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