Gocycle GX: 60 km of autonomy for the folding electric bike in less than 10 seconds

The technical data sheet of the Gocycle GX, electric bike foldable in less than 10 seconds, reached us via a press release. The opportunity to present you in more detail this two-wheelers goes everywhere.

We talked about it in mid-January 2019 on FrAndroid, but the folding electric bike Gocycle GX was at the time still orphaned by any official technical data sheet. A gap now filled by a press release sent by Karbon Kinetics Limited, the British company that has made electric bikes its spearhead for seventeen years now. Today, the company has a catalog of four models, which are the G1, G2, G3 and GS.
Let's get into the heart of the subject. A few weeks ago, only its price had been communicated by the group: 3199 euros for pre-order, for deliveries planned for the spring of 2018. It is difficult, therefore, to skip the step when no technical characteristic appears on its product page. For this price, the Gocycle GX includes a removable lithium-ion battery of 300 kW rechargeable in 7 hours – or 3.5 hours with a fast charge.
Decent autonomy for urban use
This amount of energy allows it to swallow up to 60 kilometers, a relatively good distance for a city bike (it remains lower than the UMi 250 in the form of bazooka, but higher than the UrbanBike-120). As a reminder, this two-wheel is intended for urban journeys by its size and practical foldable mechanism, thanks to which the user folds it in less than 10 seconds. Its miniature format makes it more of a boilerplate product.

In addition to its advantageous size, the Gocycle GX is equipped with a 250-watt motor that propels it up to 25 km / h. Its total weight reaches 17.8 kg, while the maximum weight supported, with luggage, reaches 100 kilos. The cyclist will have the choice between four modes of electric driving: Eco, City, Custom or On-Demand (no details on this mysterious mode).
A connected bike
Add to that an aluminum saddle and a Gocycle Connect app, synchronized to the bike through a Bluetooth connection. Even if the company does not specify it, the dedicated app should probably provide a lot of information about the bike (remaining battery life, mileage). Four colors make up the offer: electric blue, matt black and shiny black / brilliant white.


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