Gocycle GX: this miniature electric bike folds in less than ten seconds

Designed by the British company Karbon Kinetics Limited, the Gocycle GX foldable electric bike has the advantage of folding in less than ten seconds. His pre-order period has already been launched.

An expert in the field. Founded in 2002 by Richard Thorpe, Karbon Kinetics Limited has made electric bicycles its spearhead. Seven years later, in 2009, the start-up at the time released its first model named Gocycle G1, winner of the best electric bike at the Eurobike show of the same year. A price that has obviously pushed the leaders to continue in this way.
Easy to carry
In 2012, a second model still stamped under the brand name Gocycle, soberly named G2, was born. At its side, Bluetooth connectivity. Since then, the group has intensified its efforts: the G3 and GS have come out of the ground in 2016 and 2017, respectively, before another companion joins them in the coming months, the Gocycle GX (at the light airs of the bike of General Motors), presented in an official press release issued in January 2019.

The GX is distinguished from its competitors by its simple and practical operation: foldable in less than ten seconds, according to the firm of the Channel. Its size makes it a two-wheeler goes everywhere once folded, easily transportable in public transport services or at work. Three colors currently make up the catalog: black, blue and brilliant white.
A price that stings
Unfortunately, and very surprisingly, no technical features were revealed by the manufacturer. We hardly know the delivery period, in April 2019 (pre-orders opened), and its price far from being cheap, 3199 euros. In this case, it is difficult to carry out the purchasing procedures with so few elements in hand. Contacted by the editors about this, Karbon Kinetics Limited has still not responded. The article will be updated accordingly.
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