Good news, Windows 10 error messages will become understandable and useful

Microsoft unveiled its plan to review the Windows 10 installation process and its error messages.

The release of the next major version of Windows 10 is approaching, the update of April 2019. With it, and with the end of Windows 7 support, Microsoft anticipate an increase in the number of Windows 10 installs. so decided to improve this process.
No more obscure error codes
During a video presentation to members of the Insider program, spotted by, Microsoft presented the problems that users could face and what the company intended to do to correct them.
At present, users may encounter error codes referenced by Microsoft in its Knowledge Base through "KB ***" type numbers. These numbers are simply incomprehensible, while Microsoft knows what they are referring to and publishes this information on its support site.
From now on, these references will be replaced by an explanation of the problem, and a link to the web page of the knowledge base corresponding to the problem.
Another problem, which happens during major system upgrades, is that some software can be detected as incompatible with the new version of Windows. In these cases, Windows may require uninstalling the software. Until now, the process was content to give a list of software to uninstall.

In the future, the installation process will accompany the user and suggest that they start uninstalling the software. The firm said that publishers can also provide information, for example on the availability of an update to make the application compatible.
An approach to pursue
In this presentation, Microsoft has proposed fixes for errors encountered during the installation of Windows 10. It is hoped that the firm will apply the same reasoning to other problems that users may encounter, for example with the Microsoft Store or the installation. Windows Update updates.
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