Good Plan: RMC Sport and BeIN Sports at 1 euro per month with a box ADSL & Fiber SFR

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    Do you want to follow the end of the season of the Champions League, which looks completely crazy? Do not miss out on Ligue 1 and follow La Liga or Série A without any constraints? Good news, until March 11, the option RMC Sport and BeIN is 1 euro per month for new customers of any fixed Internet offer SFR, whether fiber or ADSL.

Our colleagues at Numerama have summed it up perfectly: to follow all the competitions and football leagues, you have to multiply subscriptions to subscription sports channels. In order not to miss the Champions League, it is indeed necessary to subscribe to BeIN Sports. To see the Premier League, you have to go through RMC. A complex and expensive situation.
BeIN Sports and RMC Sport at 1 euro per month for 12 months
The good news is that the subscription to these two pay channels passes today and until March 11 to only 1 euro per month for 12 months, provided you subscribe to an offer box Internet SFR. Once the period of 12 months passed, the option will return to its original price, or 19 euros per month. This offer is reserved for new customers only.
The "Plus Sport" option, usually at 19 euros per month and including RMC Sport and BeIN Sports is temporarily at 1 euro per month for 12 months.
How to benefit from the RMC Sport and BeIN offer at 1 euro per month with a SFR box
To benefit from this offer, all you have to do is subscribe to a fixed Internet subscription, fiber or ADSL, at SFR. The option of 1 euro per month for 12 months is valid on any offer. If you are a new customer, you can, for example, subscribe to the Power Fiber subscription at 28 euros per month for 12 months, with a commitment of 12 months, then, when choosing its options check the subscription box at BeIN Sports and RMC Sport at 1 euro per month.
Here, the Power Fiber offer with the Sport Plus option is at 29 euros per month. It must also count 29 euros of installation fees in addition. But there is nothing else to pay.
For 29 euros per month (or 22 euros, if you take the Starter Fiber offer), you will benefit from a fiber connection (if you are eligible) or very high speed (up to 1 Gb / s download and up to 200 Mb / s upload), an Internet box, a 4K TV decoder, but also 200 TV channels, unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles and finally a storage space in the cloud 100 GB. And you will have access to RMC Sport and BeIN Sports taking the option on promotion.
             Enjoy BeIN and RMC Sport at 1 euro / month with a SFR subscription
What are the steps to take to take advantage of this offer?
As the offer is reserved for the new customer, it is necessary to cancel the old fixed Internet subscription. This is very simple since all you need is a RIO code, to keep your landline phone number. To do so, simply call 3179 (toll-free number) with your landline. Once you have this number, simply subscribe to the SFR offer. It is indeed the operator with the red square that will take care of you – and for free – to carry out the steps of termination. Be careful, you will probably have cancellation fees to pay to your former operator. They amount to about fifty euros generally. The good news is that SFR covers these cancellation fees and reimburses them on your first bill up to 100 euros. All information is available on this pdf document.

What are the competitions that can be followed with RMC Sport and BeIN Sports?
Having access to RMC Sport and BeIN Sports is the guarantee of being able to follow all major football leagues and competitions in Europe. Whether it's the Champions League, the Europa League, Ligue 1 or the Premiere League or La Liga, this combo of two sports channels allows you to see everything. Better, a subscription to BeIN also allows to follow the NBA games live, but also the boxing or rugby competitions.

This offer is valid since Wednesday, February 27th and will end on March 11th. If you are in a position to change operator, this is probably the best offer of the moment to follow in the broadest possible way the last football games of the season. By taking the offer Starter Fiber, it is thus possible to have access to the two chains for only 22 euros per month the first 12 months.
             Enjoy BeIN and RMC Sport at 1 euro / month with a SFR subscription


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