Google Assistant could enter Samsung TVs

While Samsung has long favored its own software and its assistant Bixby for its televisions, the Korean manufacturer should ultimately integrate Google Assistant. The first TVs with Google Voice Assistant would be announced at the CES.

Since the beginning of 2018, the Tizen system, which equips Samsung TVs, directly integrates the Bixby voice assistant. A good way to interact with your TV to search for content or to control the home automation elements of your home. Nevertheless, it seems that the Korean manufacturer is not sufficiently satisfied with his own assistant.
According to information from Variety magazine, the manufacturer is preparing to turn to Google Assistant on its next range of TVs. This must be announced at the CES which will take place at the beginning of January, in Las Vegas. "By adding third-party wizards, Samsung will allow developers more flexibility and take advantage of the growing number of connected speakers to allow voice control of the TV without a microphone," says Variety.
Alexa could also be compatible
Google Assistant would not be the only one concerned. Samsung would actually allow third-party assistants as a whole, provided they are supported by its Tizen system. What could potentially ensure compatibility with Amazon's Echo speakers thanks to Alexa.
Specifically, the Bixby assistant would stay in place, especially to search for content or control his TV, while the third party assistants would be used for the rest, whether it is home automation or interactions with other applications. A system similar to that already offered by LG TVs under WebOS.
We should know more at the CES in Las Vegas which will open on Tuesday, January 8th.


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