Google Assistant: four new voices for the French voice assistant

Google Assistant has been enjoying for some time several different voices for the United States. These are finally deployed in France.

Artificial intelligence is always at the center of the future envisaged for smartphones. But alas, it evolves much faster for the English language than for others, just because Google Assistant is developed by teams primarily American.
For some time, it was possible for English users to choose between several high definition voices for their Assistant. French users were instead limited to the default voice.
Google Assistant gets four new voices
All this will change. Four new voices are deployed for Google's voice assistant starting today and should soon reach your smartphone. In writing, we do not have access yet.

The four new voices can be heard on the Google site. There are now two female voices, and two male voices, and all are supposed to be even closer to a natural pronunciation. You will be left alone judges.
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