Google Chrome: an ultra-fast mode tested

The development version of Google Chrome includes a nice feature in prototype: a mode "never slow" that will allow Chrome to recover its speed of yesteryear … but it comes at a price.

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world today, and won this place by being – at its release – the fastest and lightest browser. Since then, the situation has changed: he is recognized as very greedy in RAM, and continues to integrate tons of features that can slow down the overall experience.
This does not make it lose its beauty, but users love the Chrome of the origins are disappointed with its evolution. These have not disappeared from the heads of the developers of the platform, as Chromestory shows.
Chrome never wants to be slow
The site has indeed identified a prototype feature in the code of the latest development version of the web browser. It's called "Never-slow mode", or "never-slow mode" in French.
This particular mode would disable or contain the resource loads of the pages to display a web page much faster. Well designated as a prototype, it may also break the loading of some pages for the moment.
A prototype difficult to put in place
If the desire is to find the speed that made the salt of Chrome originally, the fact is that such a mode seems complicated to really implement on the web today. And this especially by following the ambitions of Google.
The fact is that web applications are becoming more popular, and even the most classic sites are becoming more sophisticated. This sophistication, which visitors are accustomed to, would be contained by such a mode. To make it viable, it will be necessary first of all to know how to find its perfect settings … which is not easy.

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