Google Chrome: here's a glimpse of the complete dark theme on Canary

Google Chrome Canary already allows you to test the complete dark theme that is preparing on the browser and blacken also web pages consulted. Here's how.

We already knew, the dark theme in preparation on Google Chrome will blacken even the web pages consulted and will not be content to apply the night mode on the interface specific to the browser. Now Chrome Canary – the test version of the app – lets you get a taste of this feature on Android.
All you need to do is download Chrome Canary.
                        Chrome Canary is the alpha version of Google Chrome. This is an unstable version, but that allows to discover features of the …
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                        The latest news from Chrome
                                                                The most used browser in the world
                                                                Very frequent updates
Then, in the URL bar, type the following:
chrome: // flags / # enable-android-web-content-dark mode
You will be taken to the browser's flags page and you will only need to activate the first option "Android web content dark mode" and restart Chrome Canary. Thanks to this manipulation, you will see the dark theme forced on all web pages as you can see in the screenshots below.

Remember also that the computer version of Google Chrome has recently had a good range of different themes, including a dark enough. The most complete night mode can already be tested in Chrome Canary on Windows.
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