Google Chrome makes it easy to share URLs on smartphones with just one button

Chrome 73 is now available in its beta, and the new version brings a small batch of novelties. Among them, there is a greatly simplified URL sharing.

While Chrome 72 is being deployed in its final version, it is the turn of Chrome 73 to enter the beta program. New features can be seen, such as the (very) unobtrusive arrival of a long-awaited dark mode.
Another new practical feature appeared: the simplified sharing of URLs, directly in the search bar. Thus, after visiting a website, the search tool will display the URL of this site followed by two new icons: copy to the clipboard and edit the current address.
The buttons copy and edit.
Although this feature was not particularly expected, it suddenly seems almost essential. Who has ever selected only one word from the URL while the desire was to highlight everything? Now, two clicks are enough to share an address via the means of his choice.
Note also that the edit button is new and allows you to slightly modify a URL to go to another part of the desired site. Finally, let's note that Android Police had the opportunity to see three icons displayed at the same time: copy, share and edit. On our side, we tried the beta on a Galaxy Note 9 and a Google Pixel 3. Whether on Chrome Beta or Chrome Canary, we had either the combination copy and edit, or share and edit, but never the three buttons at the same time.
The buttons share and edit.
The other new features of Chrome 73
Fortunately, URL sharing is not the only new feature of Chrome 73 Beta. Like Picture-in-Picture (PiP) on desktop, which previously required user action to activate windowed mode of the video being played. From now on, switching to PiP mode will be automatic if the website has enabled the option.
If you have a keyboard with dedicated media control keys, good news, they will no longer be used only for the VLC player, Play Music to iTunes. Chrome 73 is now compatible with these keys that allow you to pause and resume playing videos in the browser.
Other features are also planned, such as adding notifications badge to the taskbar for the installed Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

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