Google Chrome releases fourteen new themes, including a dark one, to customize your browser

Google Chrome teams have released fourteen new themes, including a dark one, on the Chrome Web Store. FrAndroid explains how to install them.

If you find the theme of your Chrome browser on a computer a bit monotonous, then you will be delighted to discover the series of new colorful themes published by the Chrome teams of the firm Mountain View. In total, no less than 14 variants are now available on the Chrome Web Store. And the colors proposed should fill all users.
How to change the theme of Google Chrome?
To do this, it's easy to go to this page, where you will find all fourteen themes: click on one of them and then click on "Add to Chrome" again. Your browser color will change automatically.
How to restore the default theme of Google Chrome?
To uninstall the theme and return to the one installed by default, click in the three vertical dots located at the top right of your window and go to "Settings". Then select "Restore Default Theme" in the "Appearance" category. And the trick will be played.

Make your choice !
The strength of this list lies in its variety of themes: besides the black theme that will think of the dark theme expected and demanded by a large number of users, the Californian group has set to develop more folkloric variations. Witness the list below:
Just Black
Slate (slate color)
Ultra Violet
Classic Blue
Black & White
Honeysuckle (color Honeysuckle)
Sea Foam
High Contrast Colorful (yellow and blue)
Pretty in Pink (several variations of pink)


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