Google Chrome: the integrated ad blocker arrives all over the world

Google wants to push sites to adhere to its advertising standards. For this, Chrome will filter noncompliant ads around the world.

A little less than a year ago, Google launched Chrome 64, which included for the first time a blocker ads. The goal ? Filter ads deemed too intrusive and try to improve mobile browsing on the web.
Google is now taking a first look at this integration. According to the company, many websites have changed their advertising policy and have improved the navigation for Internet users. Specifically, 2/3 of sites that have posted noncompliant ads at one time or another now offer a better experience.
The advertising blocker is becoming widespread
At first, Google had integrated advertising blocker only for the United States, Canada and Europe. Starting July 9, 2019, the ad blocker will be available on Chrome for all countries.
Google's developers want to bring the same policy change to sites based in Asia, South America or Africa.
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