Google condemned by the TGI of Paris for non-respect of privacy and consumers

UFC-Que Choisir welcomes his victory against Google at the Paris District Court. This conviction concerns 209 unfair and unlawful clauses in its "Terms of Use" and "Confidentiality Rules".

This Tuesday, February 12, the UFC-Que Choisir has won the case against the District Court against Google+. On its website, the association "welcomes a new victory in its fight to allow consumers to keep their hands on their personal data." A fight that will have lasted 5 years since the UFC-Que Choisir was already threatening Google (but also Facebook and Twitter) in 2013.
No respect for privacy
By this judgment, Google is charged with "209 unfair and unlawful terms in its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy." According to the UFC-Que Choisir, "the Tribunal was very clear":
Now Google can not:
Collect and share the personal data of its users without having informed them clearly
Geolocate permanently its users, deposit cookies or collect information stored on their phones and tablets without real agreement
Voluntarily modify personal data collected or disseminate freely in commercial advertisements
Dissuade users from objecting to systematic deposits of cookies
Believe that the use of its services implies the acceptance of the terms of use and confidentiality rules
Systematically exclude all liability (in case of malfunction)
Refuse to apply French law

As such, the UFC-Que Choisir claimed 1 million euros in compensation for non-pecuniary damage and 1 million euros in compensation for material damage suffered by the collective interest of consumers, as well as 50,000 euros in legal costs. .
30 000 euros of repair
However, the Court of First Instance held that the material damage had not been proved, and "since all the disputed clauses were no longer presented to the consumer for several years", the moral damage was arbitrated at 30,000 euros. To this is added 20,000 euros on the basis of Article 700 of the Code of Civil Procedure (covering legal costs).
In its statement, the association indicates however that "the UFC-Que Choisir intends henceforth to ensure that a concrete repair is offered to each consumer, beyond the 30 000 euros allotted, in the name of the damage brought to the collective interest of consumers by the Court of First Instance ".
Measures already taken
For its part, Google recalls that this is a reproach against the terms of use dating back more than 5 years Google+, its social network that will close its doors soon. Since then, these conditions have been updated to comply with privacy, which has been deemed compliant by the European Commission. A spokesman for Google told us "to continually improve the clarity and simplicity of [sa] privacy policy, [ses] terms of use and information relating to [ses] services ".

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The Mountain View company also recalls that it is possible to check certain security settings directly on his Google account.
Google still has the opportunity to appeal this decision of the TGI Paris. However, we were told that "[Google prend]the time to review the decision and consider next steps. "

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