Google could suffer a new fine of 13 billion dollars in Europe

Google is still and always in the sights of the European Commission. According to new information, it is preparing again to impose a heavy fine of $ 13 billion against the company Tech.

The European Commission has always been suspicious of the place occupied today by Google, a private company, in the public space. Also, she is constantly watching the giant Tech, and does not hesitate to crack.
For example, Google Shopping was singled out by Google's abuse of dominant position on the Android operating system. Shortly, according to information from the Financial Times reported by Le Figaro, another fine could fall on the corner of his nose.
New fine from the European Commission against Google
13 billion dollars (about 12 billion euros). That's the amount of the fine that may be subject to Google by the next week according to the newspaper information.
The European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, would announce it indeed within this period. It would be about the AdSense activity, the ad network that many depend on. The Commission would argue that Google took advantage of its dominance of the research sector to favor its advertising services, to the detriment of its competitors.
The case is not new, but to put this fine would end the investigation made by the Commission. Then it would probably follow a procedure of appeal from Google to justify its choices, as was the case for Android, and potentially escape. The $ 13 billion is a maximum sentence, but it could drop by its official presentation.
We will be clear in a week, but the European Commission continues to watch. Other sectors are particularly watched by it: the search for travel, and employment.

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